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With the legalization of weed, getting your hands on your favorite strain is a lot easier. Access to the healing power of marijuana is now literally at your fingertips. With greater accessibility, comes higher risk. Just about anyone can create a website and start advertising and selling a product. For this reason, we have to

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Speed Greens Dispensary Review & Coupon Code

When you are ordering from an online dispensary, quality of product can really set some of them apart. Speed Greens really showed us their stuff! We placed an order with Speed Greens and we only have good things to say.  From shopping to smoking, this dispensary provided everything. Read on for our full review of

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Are you rejoicing in the fact that you can now buy your Marijuana online? Yes, it’s true that weed is more accessible than ever, however, buying online does come with its own set of risks. Anyone can open up an online mail order dispensary and start selling cannabis…scary right? These days you have to be

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Kush E-Juice Review – CBD E-Juice

Created by the same company who produced Sea Cream and the Life Elixer enriched natural health product line, Vitality Health is the parent behind the Kush E-Juice brand. Based on our research of Vitality Health CBD, we gave them a thumbs up review, now we’re here to share our thoughts on cbd ejuice. If you

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Vitality Health CBD Review & Coupon Code

When you want to find the highest quality CBD product available, do you know what to look for to get the best? Sometimes we tend to complicate the process by introducing a long list of criteria when in reality, simplicity is where it’s at! Our Vitality Health CBD review will provide you with all the

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Dr. Dabber Vaporizer Reviews : Discount & Coupon Code

With a focus on creating the ultimate vaporizing experience, Dr. Dabber, a Nevada company with their online based platform claims to make some of the best vaporizing pens and accessories on the market. The company strives to create products that allow you the maximum experience and enjoyment while minimizing your health risks. Their mission is

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Reviews & Coupon Codes

Green Society Mail Order Dispensary Review & Coupon Code 2019

​Green Society is a mail order dispensary to be excited about.  The team at GS provides a high quality service, and high quality buds. Visit The Website It’s difficult enough to know which particular strain of cannabis you want to buy when there are so many options.  When reviewing any mail order dispensary, we follow

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