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Ganja Express Review & Coupon Code

The mail-order dispensary industry in Canada is arguably the best in the world, and Ganja Express is among its rising stars. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Ganja Express mail order dispensary is one of the newer players in the market. It specializes in legal medicinal-grade cannabis to alleviate various ailments. Ganja Express was one

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The Grow House Review & Coupon Code

It may appear similar to any other shop from our best online weed dispensary list, but the Grow House Canada dispensary has something that most MOMs (Mail-Order Marijuana outlets) don’t: a monthly subscription. For a fixed price, customers receive boxes of cannabis products and related accessories monthly. It does sound expensive, but it has gained

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Cheebas Review & Coupon Codes

In British Columbia, Cheebas is one of the more prominent places to buy weed online in Canada. It is also among a handful of outlets that delivers to every territory and province in the country. The company focuses on a mantra of “we’re only happy if you’re happy.” It takes pride in the fact that

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Budmail Review & Coupon Code

Bud Mail is known as one of the leading online weed dispensaries in Canada. Budmail reviews are awash with stories of quality cannabis. More impressively, Budmail offers a wide selection of cannabis-related products, which is already a feat in itself, in our humble opinion. Many stores typically offer three or four cannabis strains, but Budmail

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Pot Cargo Review & Coupon

British Columbia has now become a haven for cannabis distributors, and one of its rising stars is PotCargo. The mail order marijuana online dispensary is starting to make a name for itself with a wide variety of products, particularly in the form of flowers, concentrates, and edibles. There have been numerous Pot Cargo reviews online

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Herb Approach Review & Coupon

Herb Approach is a major player among online dispensaries in Canada. Famous for their express delivery and free shipping on all orders over $150, they should be your go-to place if you are looking for the best quality weed. They offer a large selection of flower and cannabis concentrates. White Haze, Pink Death, and Wedding

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