Medileafs Online Dispensary Review & Coupon Code

Medileafs is one of our favourite new online dispensaries.  Coming out of BC, with a passionate and dedicated team, although they have a smaller selection of products, but at great prices.  Drop by their site to check out their unique menu style.

Medileafs Coupon Code:


25% off first cart order. Valid once per user. No...

What To Do While You’re High – Enjoying Your Cannabis

People consume cannabis for a lot of different reasons. For one thing cannabis has a lot of proven benefits when it comes to health.

Cannabis can aide you in a lot of physical ways but it can be helpful with mental health as well. Sometimes people smoke to curb stress or to stave away anxiety and depression.

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The Best Lighter for Weed : Toke With Ease

There is a certain amount of anticipation that results from the process of preparing a smoke. Whether it be a joint, a bowl, or a bong the ritual of the process can bring its own joy. Once you’ve completed that process and you’re face to face with the finished product the anticipation is heightened. Finally you’ll set flame to the fruits of your labor and enjoy what is offered. Or you’ll strike that cheap lighter you picked up at the gas station for 99 cent and nothing will...

How to Conserve Weed So You Don’t Go Dankrupt?

​​When you look at weed in the short run, it doesn’t seem so expensive. However, the herb can pretty soon drain your pockets if you consider how much you smoke on, say, a monthly basis.

Let’s be honest, we live in pretty tough times. The economy is still in shambles (it’s rejuvenating now, but it’s still weak), prices are going up, and weed isn’t going to be as cheap as 10 years ago anymore.

That being said, whenever you can take the opportunity to save...

Learn How to Get Less High With These Smart Tips

Any marijuana enthusiast can tell you that if there’s one feeling they particularly don’t like about weed, it’s the very moment you realize, “Damn, I’m way too high.” Be it a gargantuan joint, one hit too many from the bong, or too much edibles eaten at once, being too stoned can thwart your entire day.

Actually, there are thousands of reasons you may get too high, and for low tolerance consumers, it’s even easier, especially if they want to impress a group of friends...

Where to Smoke Weed – The Best Places to Get Medicated

If you live in a country that has strict cannabis laws, you become incredibly creative when it comes to finding best places to smoke weed without being caught.

In most countries where marijuana is illegal, you may face some serious legal consequences for simply possessing the weed. Sentences vary between different countries, from fines and relatively short jail time (with an option to suspend the execution of the sentence) to capital punishment. That being said, you don’t...

The Best Weed For Anxiety & Panic Attacks

As marijuana is becoming more and more popular as a medicine, there are more people who seek help in fighting anxiety disorders.

Studies show that marijuana may be very helpful in combating chronic anxiety or social anxiety disorders.

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The Obstacles Behind Cannabis Marketing: How to Grow Your Online Marijuana Business Legally

What’s happening to the cannabis industry right now is a textbook example of the gargantuan snowball effect.

With the US legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana state by state, and with Canada soon to join the squad, we can expect one of the greatest business booms in the entire history of mankind.

As for now, the cannabis black market is estimated to be worth $31.6 billion dollars, and with the legalization trend gaining pace, it goes without saying...

How to Get Weed Out of Your System – Fast or Slow

You can benefit from marijuana in many aspects of your life, but helping you pass the drug test before you get your dream job isn’t on the list. Many people ask how to get weed out of your system, and if you have any doubts about it, type the phrase “how to get weed…” and see what’s the first tip on the search screen. Therefore, it’s time to bring some answers to the table. Shall we?

Why Would You Consider Getting Weed Out Of Your System in First...