Using Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

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Have you been trying to find a way to pass your urine drug test? There is a way to go about this to save you from trouble. You can either buy fake urine or get synthetic urine to help you pass the test. There are many companies that make these fake urines some of them are Clear Choice, Quick Fix, the Whizzinator Touch, Upass, etc. These fake urine makers have helped people get clean urine over time. It isn’t always easy to get clean urine, but if you want to get one that works, you should get sub-solution synthetic urine.

If you want to pass a urine drug test, use fake urine or synthetic urine. Fake urine is synthetic urine that is toxic free and can deliver a consistent result when tested in a drug lab. You can always get a good one online. For synthetic urine to work, it has to be kept at the right temperature before you take it for the test. Real urine is always at a particular temperature, and when you hand over cold urine, it will fail the test. When getting fake urine, always opt for those brands that come with heating powders.

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What Makes the Best Synthetic Urine?

Getting synthetic urine for passing drug tests isn’t that easy. Professionals are always on the lookout to detect these fake urines, and it gets more difficult to use fake urine. There are even some laboratories that specialize in testing for these fake urine. It is crucial to know how to hide your fake urine by making sure you use a very good type of synthetic urine.

It is recommended that the best type of synthetic urine to use is sub-solution synthetic urine from many sources on the web. It’s never a guarantee, but all the evidence points to this product as the most effective.

Where can you buy synthetic urine?

You may be lucky to find a quality fake urine at a local store or a pornography store, but most times you can always order from them online. Below are some of the best quality synthetic urine you can get online.

Quick Fix

This brand of synthetic urine is very popular. It has all the ingredients you can find in real human urine. The problem, however, is getting a genuine product. Quick Fix is available on eBay and Amazon stores, but most of them are fake products. It is better to get it directly from the manufacturers' website.

The brand offers two products the Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus. The thing about the Quick Fix product is that it does not smell like real urine.

The Quick Fix Plus has worked for a lot of people, and there have been testimonies about it. The Quick Fix product is one of the best fake urines you can find in the market. You have to microwave it for about 10 seconds till it is 90-99°F. If you don’t know when the test will be, you can use a heating pad on the bottle for about 45 minutes till it gets to the desired temperature.

The Whizzinator Touch

This product is like a fake penis that brings out synthetic urine. The urine is at the normal body temperature, and it works.

Clear Choice

This, sub-solution powdered urine is very effective. It can’t be detected at all because it is toxin free and has a heating powder that keeps the urine at the right temperature. The sub-solution synthetic urine has the same pH level, creatinine level and specific gravity level like real urine. It takes the color of real urine and foams just like a real one.

The sub-solution synthetic urine is the most recommended urine you can use for your drug test. It is undetectable and has never failed a single drug test.

FAQ about Synthetic Urine:

People prefer to use synthetic urine over other methods to pass their drug tests because they don’t have to ingest any substance. Other methods like the certo drug test and detox drinks require you to drink liquids that you may not feel comfortable with. Another reason why it is the most preferred method is that you can continue smoking weed and it won’t affect the results of the synthetic urine. People who have to smoke weed because of their health won’t have to worry about losing a job opportunity. Synthetic urine allows you to continue taking your medical marijuana, so you don’t lose your job.

It is very easy to use it. It is just like the way you use real urine. The most important thing is that the urine should be warm before it is handed over for the test. There are ways to keep it warm if the synthetic urine does not come with a heating powder. You can warm it over a microwave oven or a stove. It is preferable however to warm it with products that have heating pads or powder in their kit. The time it takes for the heating powder to warm the urine is about an hour, and it has to be between 94 to 96 degrees. After heating it, you have to shake it a little, so it can have some bubbles before you give it out for testing.

Synthetic urine cannot be detected because it looks just like real human urine. Lab experts use synthetic urine to calibrate the testing equipment, and it has shown over time that synthetic urine has the same pH level as normal urine. The pH level of real clean urine is between 4.6 and 8. If the results from the test are not within this range, it be suspicious.

Also, normal urine has a specific gravity of 1.005-1.030 and has a Creatinine level of 15mg/kg. Anything short of this will show signs of adulteration. If Glutaraldehyde and Nitrate are detected in the urine, it will show that it is a masked urine product.

Another possible detection is if the urine looks like water or is cold, it will be obvious it did not come out of a person’s body. Good urine should be warm and at the right temperature.

Most synthetic urine passes urinalysis all the time. It is important to get a good quality synthetic urine and follow the instructions as strictly as possible. Synthetic urine works for all types of drugs that a person uses. It doesn’t matter if it is cocaine, opiates, ecstasy, etc., it covers every type of drug.

Synthetic urine is made just by synthesizing urine. It is not possible to make it by yourself because it involves the use of chemicals that only professionals can understand. What you can do is get a good brand of synthetic urine to pass your drug test.

You can only use synthetic urine if you are going for an unsupervised drug test. Some drug test requires strict supervision where you have to pee right in front of a supervisor. In this case, you won’t be able to use synthetic urine, but instead, you would have to detox before going for the test. If you are left to go the bathroom yourself to pee in a cup, you can easily smuggle in synthetic urine. The pee should be around 94 °F and 96 °F to avoid suspicion.

When smuggling the synthetic urine, you have to be careful in packing it, so it does not spill over. Some people prefer to hide it in less conspicuous places in their body like their bra for women. The best way to hide your synthetic urine is by wearing two sets of drawers and placing the synthetic urine between them. You can even wear a belt under your clothes and attach the synthetic urine to it.

When you take a urine test, the lab will conduct an EMIT test. This is an enzyme, multiplied immunoassay technique test to check for drugs and proteins. The lab scientist then adds a color spectrum to compare your urine with the color that clean urine will display. If the test is positive, the result will be forwarded to an accredited laboratory that will conduct another test on the urine sample. This lab will check for pesticides and weed using a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) machine to check if any drug substance is present in the urine.

Real urine has a temperature of 94°F to 96°F (about 35 °C). Many drug labs will measure the urine temperature of your urine within 4 minutes. If urine is cold, it automatically fails the test. Synthetic urine can be kept for up to two years depending on the product. Some synthetic urine products give strict instructions to keep it away from the sunlight to avoid tampering with the pH levels. To know the expiration date of synthetic urine, you have to check the products pack.

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