How To Use a Bong

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So you’ve just bought a bong or perhaps have been invited to join some friends and smoke some tobacco or weed but have no idea how to use a bong and rather than looking like the idiot in the bunch you’re wanting to brushing up on your bong basics now. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting to know how to use a bong, we’re here to help you out! We’d like to reassure you that using a bong is quite simple however, you must be aware of the specific steps to follow before lighting up. From setting up your bong, to smoking, tips to help with how to use a bong, and cleaning, you’re in the right place. Our informative post will provide you with all the information you’ll need to be a bong expert. By the end of this article, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about using your bong like a pro.

So why would you use a bong versus simply rolling a joint? Using a bong offers a more soothing smoking experience and for many, is their preferred method of consuming marijuana.

What is a Cannabis Bong?

Back Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc

A bong is a device that is comprised of a water filtration system which essentially cools whatever it is you’re smoking as it passes through, whether it be tobacco, cannabis or other herbal substances. It is the cooling sensation that provides a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for the user. Bongs can come in many different materials and be of varying sizes but they all perform in the same way. It’s up to personal preference and requirements when selecting the best bong to buy.

The basic parts of a bong include:

  • The Bowl - The attachment where you add the substance that is to be combusted. This piece is placed at the end opposite the downstem and has a funnel shape.
  • Downstem - Small tube which the smoke travels to from the base of the bowl. The smoke will be percolated by the water and pass through here.
  • Tube - This is the part that many identify with a bong; it ends at the mouthpiece. The tube is the chamber that is filled with smoke once it has been filtered through the water
  • Base - The bottom of the bong where water is placed
  • Carb (carburetor) Hole - A hole which appears in the side of the base and allows smoke to clear from the bong chamber
  • Percolator - This is the filter that will create the bubbles in the water when the user draws from the tube.

Setting Up Your Bong

In order to get your bong up and running follow these 5 essential steps:

  • Prepare the pipe by putting water or ice inside. The amount of water used will depend on the size of your bong but typically anywhere from 1 - 1.5 inches is best. The water can be poured directly through the mouthpiece.
  • Crush your cannabis & Pack the bowl. You’ll want to place larger pieces of the bud first in the bowl, followed by the smaller finer ground cannabis. Doing this will ensure that the smaller pieces don’t get sucked through while smoking.
  • Time to place your lips around the tube
  • Flame the bowl. Remember that if there is a hole on the tube, you’ll want to cover it to make sure that all the smoke is going to your mouth and not being leaked out.
  • Inhale

Smoking with Your Bong

Seems easy enough right? Place your lips over and inhale…well there are a few very important things to remember when smoking with your bong. For starters making sure you’ve filled your cannabis properly in the bowl will be the first step to ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Here are some tips for filling your bong

  • For one person, you will only need to fill the bowl half full
  • If you pack the bowl too tight, air won’t be able to flow through it. Too late? If you’ve already packed it and you’re thinking it’s way too tight, simply take something small and sharp and stir up the cannabis to loosen

Secondly, for a more flavorful experience, you can use bong water alternatives like flavored water or tea.

Third and the most important questions you’re wanting to know at this stage is actually how to smoke from a bong. You now know how to set it all up but how to smoke from a bong is another story. Yes you really only need to inhale but, if you follow these steps to prepare before doing so, we’re pretty confident your experience will be much more comfortable.

Follow these steps for how to use a bong

  • Set the bong down on a table and sit next to it. If you don’t want the room filling with smoke, it’s best to sit near an open window
  • Hold the bong with your hand that is non dominant
  • Take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm. The more oxygen you have in your system the easier it will be to inhale the smoke without coughing
  • Place your lips inside the mouthpiece so that between the mouthpiece and your lips there is no gap where the air could escape.
  • With your free hand, take the lighter and tilt it towards the bowl so the flame can touch the edge of the cannabis. You will continue to hold the flame on the cannabis until the amount of smoke you want has filled in the chamber.
  • As you’re lighting the bowl, inhale slowly. This inhale will act as a way to draw the smoke up the chamber. You will see the chamber fill and become cloudy. For those new to using a bong, it’s best to not overwhelm yourself which is why filling the chamber only half with smoke will be a good place to start.
  • Remove the bowl from the stem and continue inhaling the smoke in the chamber. Take deep inhales to make sure the smoke gets to your lungs.
  • Exhale the smoke
  • Place the bowl back in the bong
  • When you’re ready for another hit you can light the cannabis in the bowl again and repeat the process.

Note: Many ask, ‘Do bongs get you high?’ and the answer is yes. Remember, holding the smoke in for roughly 2-3 seconds is a sufficient amount of time required to get high but any longer will not have intensified effects, rather it could negatively affect your health.


Always remember that before smoking from a bong, safety will always come first. Ensure that there is nothing flammable in the area which yo are smoking.

How does a bong work?

With every inhale, the smoke from the combusted substance will travel through the Downstem to the water in the bowl, then up the tube before finally reaching your airways. Many say that bongs are the best way to smoke their marijuana because of its ability to remove harmful pollutants through the filtration process, thus providing a smoother and more pure and powerful hit.


Once you’re done with the bong, take out the bowl, toss away the water and thoroughly rinse the bong. Place it on a shelf or store it somewhere where it won’t become damaged or dirty.

Feeling Like a Pro?

Maybe you’re not an expert yet but we’re sure our helpful tips and simple walk through procedures of how to set up and start smoking from your bong have given you more confidence. We’d like to remind you that if it’s your first time smoking from a bong, the number one tip we’d give is to take it slow. Whenever experimenting with new ways to consume marijuana or other herbals, starting small and working your way up is always the best way to ensure the most positive experience with the lowest chance of side effects.

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