Top Rated Gear & Accessory Reviews

You need the right supplies to use your cannabis. We have you covered from consumption to detox. Browse our reviews of smoking gear and weed accessories.

Best Bong Cleaners: The Buyer’s Guide

A well maintained bong is a happy bong, and if your smoking machine is happy, then so will you be by being able to draw the most of your bong experience and revel in the filtered, smooth, and flavorful smoke. As a rule of thumb, the cleaner your device, the better it will hit. On

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The Best Weed Pipes – Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Being one of the easiest smoking devices to conceal, glass pipes are considered the ‘creme de la creme’ of all ways of smoking marijuana. We believe that for some stoners out there, consuming cannabis is considered a ritual. That being said, it’s no wonder so many herb enthusiasts seek out the best pipe for smoking

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The 12 Best Bongs Under $100 – Our Favorites

Shopping on a budget but still dreaming of best quality glass bong? Here’s the good news – you don’t need to break a bank in order to purchase some of the best bongs on the market. Don’t be fooled by the low price, as some of the devices we’re about to show you are made

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The Best Herb Grinders – Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re using marijuana for medical reasons or simply for leisure, you should use a good quality grinder to prepare your pot for vaping or smoking. You may think that choosing the best grinder for weed is a no-brainer, but actually, there are many factors you ought to take into consideration before spending your money.

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Best Lighter for Weed: Toke With Ease

There is a certain amount of anticipation that results from the process of preparing a smoke. Whether it be a joint, a bowl, or a bong the ritual of the process can bring its own joy. Once you’ve completed that process and you’re face to face with the finished product the anticipation is heightened. Finally

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The Best Weed Detox to Get Marijuana Out of Your System

Have you found yourself in the situation in which you need to pass a drug test and are looking for ways to detox weed from your system? Or maybe you’re wanting to take a break from cannabis as a way to cleanse, or possibly even cut it out completely. Whatever you reasoning for wanting to

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