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Best CBD for Cats in Canada

Last Updated on June 24th, 2019Since 2013, there has been an increasing demand for CBD oil in the pet industry. This is because of the stellar reviews and satisfied customers, which led to huge success for this product. CBD is taken from the hemp plant. Although CBD and marijuana are both classified under cannabis plant

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Best CBD Vape Oil in Canada

Last Updated on June 20th, 2019Cannabidiol or CBD oil is from the hemp plant that is classified under the plant family of cannabis. Marijuana is also classified under the same plant family. However, CBD is not used for psychoactive effects like marijuana. It is popularly known for its medicinal value. CBD oil extracted from the

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Best CBD for Dogs in Canada

Last Updated on June 20th, 2019Cannabidiol also popularly known as CBD is one of the most prevalent active ingredients of marijuana or cannabis. It is obtained from the plant called hemp. Being a part of the cannabis plant family, CBD is one of the components of medicinal marijuana. However, CBD, when used in all pure

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Kush E-Juice Review – CBD E-Juice

Last Updated on March 12th, 2019Created by the same company who produced Sea Cream and the Life Elixer enriched natural health product line, Vitality Health is the parent behind the Kush E-Juice brand. Based on our research of Vitality Health CBD, we gave them a thumbs up review, now we’re here to share our thoughts

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Vitality Health CBD Review & Coupon Code

Last Updated on March 12th, 2019When you want to find the highest quality CBD product available, do you know what to look for to get the best? Sometimes we tend to complicate the process by introducing a long list of criteria when in reality, simplicity is where it’s at! Our Vitality Health CBD review will

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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review : Discount & Coupon Code

Last Updated on March 12th, 2019Rated as the #1 Hemp CBD company of the year! With a name like Bluebird Botanicals if you’re under the impression that this is a brand that is pure, connected to nature, and focused on providing a high quality product that has minimal negative effects on the environment you’re right!

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