Is Marijuana Legal in Canada? Questions Answered From All Perspectives

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Marijuana has been labeled with different uses over the years. For some, it is a source of indulgence while for many others it is the reason they can live their lives without collapsing from the pain their illness causes. Marijuana is essentially extracted from a flower and is a grayish greenish substance.

There are many ways to intake weed and many more reasons why they should be consumed. However, because of the negative stigma, it had been associated with the process of legalizing cannabis and it is a long way to go throughout the world. The question of Canada marijuana laws brings us to an important discussion which is continued below.

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Question on legalizing marijuana in the country of Canada


Medical marijuana is gradually deepening its roots across the world and is gaining the legal status which it rightly deserves. This widespread acceptance has actually led the people of Canada to ask the most debatable question “is marijuana legal in Canada?” It is interesting to note that despite all conjectures, it was Canada which in the year 2001 gave a legal status to marijuana strictly for medical use. This verdict was a result of the Canadian Court of Appeal declaring the ban on weed as unconstitutional.


This, however, did not imply that cannabis could be openly consumed and smoked as when desired. What needs to be noted is that the ban was lifted only for those requiring it for medicinal purposes and to facilitate betterment of patients suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses.


Common questions regarding marijuana laws Canada


There are some important questions which remain unanswered to most citizens of Canada. The reason for this is lack of clarity, with regard to the information passed from the authorities to the common man.

Query 1: Are all cannabis products banned?


There is much contemplation regarding whether just the smoking of cannabis is prohibited for recreational purposes or all products which possess the element in some amount. In this regard, one can state the questions of the public which include, is cannabis oil legal in Canada? The answer remains simple; the use of weed is only permitted from 2001 for those who medically require it. Any products which are used by individuals who have no medical need for it are not being permitted to make use of such products. This can be vaporizers or oils from cannabis; any product is banned for persons who are not under medical diameters to use it.

Query 2: What are the government measures taken to prohibit wrongful use of weed?


The exact framework of punishment for making use of marijuana despite no medical requirement for the substance is yet to be finalized. However the current government of Canada is working very hard to come with measures to scrutinize the use of marijuana. In fact universities in British Columbia are even rumored to facilitate the development of breathalyzers which will be able to trace the extracts of the components of weed even after 12 hours of consumption. Driving motorcycles or cars after the consumption of this product is heavily criticized and the government is working out a plan to stop such misuse.


Query 3: Will marijuana be made legal for recreation?


Discussions are in place to consider possibility and eventual implementation of making marijuana legal in Canada. This however does not mean that there will not be restrictions on use and punishments in place for wrongful use of substance. The legalization process is underway, but it will take a considerable amount of time to work out extensive plans to prevent mismanagement and protect underage persons from getting their hands on this product.

Query 4: What is the procedure for acquiring legal bud?


Interestingly there have been so many questions, and doubts rose for the procuring of weed, especially by patients in dire need of it, that the process of acquiring cannabis is simple. The process involves first possessing a medical marijuana card. This is the proof that the person in question is actually a medical patient and requires substance. The way of acquiring this card is by meeting three criteria. These are as follows:


  • To produce documents which show the address proof of the individual who wishes to possess the card.
  • To meet the criteria of eligibility to make Canada marijuana legal for the person laid down by each state, in this case,
  • Getting a doctor who will sign your form stating clearly that as a patient you are a suitable candidate to make use of the substance.


After card is obtained by patient, all that is needed is to travel to a dispensary closest to you and get weed from store. In fact, person at the counter will not ask any questions because your card will be the proof you need to procure the cannabis.

Query 5: In what ways does weed legal Canada help?


Instead of focusing on the question, is cannabis legal in Canada, the more important query is to find out how it helps those who can acquire it. Cannabis has been judged as efficient in helping ailing patients cope with their pain. The diseases they tackle are as follows:


  • Cancer usually brings a lot of pain, and consequent treatments like chemo bring nausea and vomiting as side effects. Weed helps body fight these symptoms.
  • Multiple sclerosis leads to tremors and spasms and thus can be of great inconvenience to all those suffering from this ailment.
  • HIV mainly leads to lack of appetite in addition to other symptoms. This lack can be supplemented with the help of cannabis.
  • Glaucoma patients can obtain ingredients to reduce intra-ocular pressure and ensure relief to patients to a maximum of 4 hours. This is time when tests are conducted on such patients.
  • When there are any internal injuries, one needs to numb pain if it gets excessive. Weed helps in these cases.

Hence while focusing on questions like is cbd legal in Canada, individuals need to understand the use of marijuana for patients and the inevitability of its acceptance to help public in the long run.

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