Marijuana Dispensary in Red Deer, AB

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Red Deer, the City

Red Deer is a city located in south-central Alberta province in Canada. It lies near the midway point of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and it Alberta’s third largest city. The population of Red Deer reached just over 100,000 in the 2016 census, making it the third city in Alberta to reach a population of 100,000. Red Deer is located in the aspen parkland region of Canada and is surrounded by rolling hills where petrochemical processing and agricultural production occurs. Red Deer gets its name from the river that flows through the city, originally called Waskasoo Seepee by the native Cree inhabitants, but translated to “Red Deer River” by British fur traders. Red Deer has lots of tourist activities to offer. The area that surrounds Red Deer is great for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and hiking. There is also a company in town that will take you skydiving so you can get high while you’re high. The downtown area also provides an ample selection of shopping from outdoor stores, local artisans, and various boutiques. With such a rich history, there are plenty of museums you can browse while in Red Deer. During the winter season, there are plenty of cold-weather activities happening in Red Deer. There are ice skating rinks, sledding hills, and even a Ski Resort where you can ski and snowboard. At the end of a day filled with activities in Red Deer and the surrounding area, you will want to relax with some good bud.

Cannabis Dispensaries in Red Deer

Because the legalization of recreational marijuana sale and use across Canada has occurred so recently, there are very few operational dispensaries, medical or otherwise. According to, there are nine dispensaries in the Red Deer, Alberta area. Five of these nine dispensaries are open for recreational sales, the remaining are medical. Three of these recreational dispensaries have Canada-wide mail order services Two of the medical dispensaries also offer Canada-wide mail order services. Although it is fairly slim-pickings in the way of recreational dispensaries at the moment, on August 13th, Red Deer City Council approved 10 out of 15 development proposals for dispensaries ahead of the nation-wide legalization of recreational marijuana on October 17th. Two are located in downtown Red Deer, two in the Pines neighborhood, with the remaining 6 locations scattered throughout the city. The amount of dispensaries in Red Deer is about to skyrocket.

Where and How to Buy Marijuana Products in Red Deer, Alberta

Buying Dried Flower

Unfortunately, there is only one operational dispensary that sells recreational marijuana. The first operational, and only. recreational dispensary to open in Red Deer was Greentown. They are open from 10 am to 10 pm every day of the week, and are located at the intersection of 49th Street and Gaetz Avenue, which is the main road that goes through Red Deer. They are in a great location off the main road in Red Deer and when you get the munchies, McDonald’s is conveniently right across the street. Reviewers on Weed Maps have given Green Town 3.5 stars out of 5, stating that the location, building, and staff are awesome, but the product can be sub-par on occasion. Greentown carries a wide variety of products – from dried flower to CBD to edibles.

Compass Cannabis Clinic is a medical-only dispensary located on the corner of 45th Street and Gaetz Avenue, just a few blocks from Greentown. They are open from 11 am to 4 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 11 am to 6 pm on Wednesday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, and is closed on Sunday. In order to purchase cannabis from Compas Cannabis Clinic, you must be prescribed by one of their physicains.

When it starts getting cold outside and you can’t bear to get out of the blanket nest you have so carefully crafted in the perfect spot on the couch, put on your coat, and travel to your local dispensary mail-order marijuana services are your saving grace. Red Deer is home to the headquarters of a few mail-order dispensaries. Their storefronts are not physical, but digital. THC and CBD products alike can be easily ordered on their websites. Most of these mail-order dispensaries offer Canada-wide shipping services so you can get your bud where ever you happen to be in the Great White North.

Buying CBD in Red Deer

Cannabidiol, or CBC, is one of the cannabinoid compouds found in the hemp plant. CBD does not have the same psychoactive effects THC has on the brain, but instead affects the body but you do not experience a high like when using products with high THC. CBD can be ingested in many different ways. CBD can be smoked, vaped, taken orally as a pill or liquid, and applied topically. It can also come in an oil form, which can be applied directly to the skin or added to food. CBD products are available at most dispensaries in Alberta, Canada. You can find many recognizable brands of CBD products like Budderweeds in any Alberta dispensary.

Buying Marijuana Topicals and Edibles in Red Deer

Currently, edibles are not legal in Canada, but will eventually be legalized in 2019. Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis, no matter your experience level because there is no equiptment required and no odor or smoke from the burning of the dried flower. Anyone from a starting stoner to an experienced pothead can get high on edibles. If you’re a beginner, it would be wise to start off with a small dose of 5 mg, the saying goes “start low, go slow.” Edibles take a long time to kick in, so wait at least 20 minutes, and up to an hour and a half before taking a second dose.


Edibles can come in the form of gummies, baked goods and pastries, suckers, chocolate bars, and other candies. Topical products come in the form of lotions, salves, balms, serums, and oils. Unlike edibles, topical produces are legalized in Canada and should be available in most dispensaries, recreational and medical alike.


What to attain in Red Deer after you get weed?

Now lets talk a little bit more virtually all the good things to attain in Red Deer taking into consideration you get your hands upon that bud. First and foremost, Red Deer has a great arts community, most likely even the best in Canada. The city hosts a ton of festivals all year. desire to get high and watch some movies? The Red Deer International Film Festival has you covered. This is an especially good substitute though high, because youre clear to see a lot of artsier movies, which tend to be on the weird side. And as we every know, pairing weed once something inherently trippy is always a fine time. The Red Deer Folk Music Festival is afterward a fine period high, because folk music is thus chill, relieve and relaxing. appropriately thats different fine matter to pair bearing in mind your marijuana. then theres the Red Deer Comedy Festival. This one might be the best high of all, because as we all know, theres absolutely nothing augmented than laughing non-stop though your weed already has you upon the giggles.

Red Deer has a lot of museums too, which are good for an equally calm, but more complex high. The Glenbow Museum is a premier destination in both Red Deer and every of Canada, following paintings that will blow your mind, especially in the manner of youre on a trip. Theres furthermore the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, which is especially fine if youre a sports fan. But even if youre not, experiencing every the lights, action, and emotion that comes as soon as records and sport means youre certain to mood something wild. Red Deers Military Museum is as well as the best area in every of Alberta to experience Canadas festooned military history. in view of that afterward all that said, youll definitely have entrance to some mind-bending trips if you pick to get tall in Red Deer.

And its for all these reasons that theres never been a improved epoch to purchase weed online in Red Deer. Medical marijuana is rich across the city and across the country, and the community of stoners across Alberta is growing every day. And in the manner of appropriately many things to reach in Red Deer alone, it single-handedly makes desirability that youd hit up an online dispensary, get your hands on some kush, and let the good era roll.


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